What to Know Before Hiring Your Wedding Videographer

Videography is an investment, it’s really worth if you have the budget. Wedding videographer is not a new thing and it becomes a trend that every couple wants to add the most talented videographers in their wedding team.  Having a video can have you a full experience again of looking back on your special day. 


Here are some ideas you should consider before hiring a wedding videographer dc : 



Many videographers offer a variety of packages in order for you to have the services exactly what you just need that is in the range of your budget. It is a common misconception in videography that you will be getting the full-length footage of happenings in your wedding although some videographers offer this option as a package most likely, the final product would be an edited masterpiece that would be able for you to remember mostly the best parts of your wedding. 

Here are some most popular options you are likely to have when you hire a videographer. 

Trailer/Teaser Film 

This concept is the same as a movie trailer, it’s about 1 to 2 minutes and is accompanied by a short film after, trailers are usually created while videographer is still editing the final output of the product. Some videographers include this on the package while some offer this as an add-on. 

Highlight Film 

This film commonly has more on modern approach and is non-linear where the videographer creates a cinematic art out from the moments and events throughout the day and usually last about 3 to 10 minutes. 

Short Film 

This is more in linear form that takes about 10 to 20 minutes often includes a portion of the reception toast and your vows and sometimes include the preparation of the wedding and the grand exit. 

Same day edit  

This is an on the spot editing of your wedding that is shown at the reception usually about 4-10 minutes. 

Full-length documentary  

This is the entire section decrntralized lending protocols  of your wedding that lasts about 90 minutes. This is like the true movie of the wedding. 



These are additional footage of your day that includes the full ceremony or the toasts and speeches of your wedding. Raw footage is also an add-on option where you can have a copy of unedited videos of your wedding. One of the most popular add-on is the drone areal coverage where they used drones to capture stunning footages, other add-on options are rehearsal dinner coverage and some greetings from your guest during cocktail hour and the trailer as mentioned before. Other videographers also offer your story to be filmed, from the day of the wedding and your lifestyle shoot to the interview of you as a couple. 

Videographers put their artistic touch on your film, among the most common styles are cinematic, classic, coinjoin modern abstract, storytelling, documentary and nostalgic. There are also other things to consider like your budget and the coverage hours. You can have the option to focus the coverage only on the most important part of the wedding. Also, consider how the videographers will deliver the film and footage but possible to have the delivery through USB stick or a CD.