The Difference between a Professional and an Amateur in Any Field

No man is an island and this is exceptionally true for just about anything in whatever field it is. There would come a time in any point of our lives where we need to ask other for help. Now, when this happened there are choices for us to make, who to hire and who to ask for help. There is an abundance of people around us that we could ask, but are they the right people to ask?

So, in this article, you will learn what it means to be asking for help in between a professional and an amateur in any field. Whether it would be a roofing repair, an event coordination, an interior designer or a stage actor, you have to know which ones to pick.

Amateur in Any Field

You have to remember however, that before anything, before a professional becomes a professional they are amateurs themselves. They have been there in that place where they just don’t know what they are capable of, their limits. However, you do get to a point where you learn that.

So, here are some of the differences between a professional and an amateur.


Waiting is not for the professionals. They like to stay in schedule and doesn’t wait for inspiration, they go and actively look for that inspiration. Believe it or not even artists don’t wait for inspiration, they do listen to their feelings and their motivations. However, they look for it, they stick to a schedule even if it seems nothing is worth it.

That is why professionals seems to have themselves sorted out all the time. When they get to a point where not everything is going to plan. They won’t stop and wait for everything to get better, they work something out until they do.


Professionals and amateurs have different focus when it comes to work. Goals is as important as anything you could ever have in your life. It is how you know that you have finally achieved what you wanted. However, for professionals as important as goals are, it is much more important to have your focus on your habits to get to your goal.

Focusing on a goal would just make you want that instant gratification feeling, not bad but not really great either. So, if you focus on your habits instead you will find that you are going to have a lot more fun and learn a lot more.


There is a big difference between achieving and improving. Achieving something is good but getting better at something you are already good at, can be a awesome. So, professionals work hard to improve their craft. So, if you want to see a really good success story check out this amazing person’s life, Michael Coleman.

Learning from other peoples experience is not an amateur move, it is rather a professional one, that helps you become prepared for the future. Just enjoy the journey anticipate the finish line but enjoy the journey.